Here are a few photos of some really silly postcards and pincushions I have been making lately. I have been having a blast using the wool for the pincushions / soft art pieces. They are such enjoyable little "studies" to work on. Plus, they can be useful!
Fabric Postcards
Making fabric postcards is such a great way to play with a new design or idea. If you have never had the pleasure, try to find a good class, book or internet info to get you started. They can be mailed just like a regular postcard (but with a regular stamp) as long as they are not embellished. If you want to add some beads or buttons you will need to mail it inside a padded envelope. They make an extra special note to a cherished friend or family member.
Are you looking for a fun way to use up some of your wool scraps? I am guessing that you have bags of scraps that you just can’t quite toss….just like me. Those scraps are like little pieces of gold. Pull them out and challenge yourself to use them as is….not too much extra cutting or fussing. These pin cushions are finished 5”x5” but you can make them any size you want.

Bluebird Pincushion 4x6 pincushions4 X 6 pincushions
Pippy pincushions
Jewel pincushions
Tweet pincushions
Polka pot pincusions
Queeny More Postcards...
blackberry basket
mother & daughter
silly bird
my line
Poppy parts
Freddys Friends