cabin Cruiser
MD buys a bouquet
Coming Home
MD Shops for Salad
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MD Buys a Bouquet
Miss Dotty Buys a Bouquet
41" x 30"

Cabin Cruiser
Metolius Cabin Cruiser
42" x 31"

MD Upload
Load Up Yello!"
30" x 34"

Coming Home
Coming Home
40" x 32"

MD shops for Salad
Miss Dotty Shops for Salad
28" x 38"

I also work in collaboration with my good friend, Kathy Deggendorfer. She is an amazing water color artist with a style and sensibility that is much like mine. We got together a couple of years ago and have been having a blast creating playful painted/quilted artwork ever since. Visit Kathy’s website, www.kathydeggendorfer.com to read more about our “Miss Dotty” series