“House Party”
(copyright) tonye b. phillips

Welcome to the party! What to do with a bunch of blocks that have colorful and playful hand appliquéd houses all over them? Turn them into windows!

It took me awhile to figure this one out but the end result was so much fun to make. With a little bit of “math” to figure out how to fit the different size blocks together I was off and running.

It was just like building a real house. It kept getting bigger and bigger as I went along. Sound familiar to anyone?

In my usual style, I decided one day that I wanted to make houses. So, I started right in pulling fabrics from my stash or going over to the Stitchin Post quilt shop and laying out all sorts of fat-quarters. I like to use unusual combinations of colors and prints and these houses were just the right shapes to experiment with. Keeping the backgrounds “sort of” similar insured that when I eventually figured out what I would do with the blocks, they would fit together nicely.

Big House! Big Plants! This particular house required bold landscaping. I call these the “Little Shop of Horrors” flowers? Trees? They could certainly stand alone if need be.

Bottom Line……..don’t be shy when designing your house and its surroundings. Darned near anything goes. Just make sure you have lots of fun with it!




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