True Folk Art Style------ Tonye has created a wonderful selection of charming hand appliqué quilts with containers full of whimsical flowers in an eclectic array of fabrics. Her charming no-fuss method of appliqué is approachable for any stitcher. Time-tested techniques for Log-Jammin and Spikey Triangles add pieced elements to the quilt designs. Tonye’s style, design process and play with color take you through an unexpected journey of this new approach to a classic design!

Jean Wells Keenan





Here is a collection of fresh, original and wonderfully playful quilts from the hand of an exceptional artist. Tonye’s appliqué quilts most often begin with simple containers which she fills with floral bouquets in ingenious, delightful ways that will make you smile. These are quilts I wish I had made!

Gwen Marston:





Want to have fun with some simple shapes and all of the bright and colorful scraps you have left over from other projects?Hand Applique book

My beautifully illustrated book, “Hand-Appliqued Quilts, Beautiful Designs & Simple Shapes”, is about simplifying the hand appliqué process. In my own way I am trying to take some of the mystery out of “hand appliqué” and at the same time trying to encourage quilters to keep this time honored practice alive and well. This book is not about having perfect stitches but about getting out there and giving it a try. Go for it!

You can find “Hand-Appliqued Quilts, Beautiful Designs & Simple Shapes” in paperback for $16.95 at the Stitchin Post .

NOTE: The publishers of my book, “Hand-Appliqued Quilts, Whimsical Designs and Simple Techniques”, have continued to offer the book, but it now comes in paperback with a new cover and a change in name, “Hand-Appliqued Quilts, Beautiful Designs and Simple Techniques”.